About Us

About Us

why choose us:

Shibhi Impex is Indian producer, retailer, and exporter. We have created a very strong team under which both Agro-based products and non-agro products are manufactured and exported with the highest standards and all quality certifications.
With ‘Perfection and Superior Quality’ as our motto, Shibhi Impex is carving a niche among Indian and global exporters. Shibhi Impex, led by a very highly qualified team of industry experts, was founded with a vision to provide its customers with the highest levels of ethics and expertise in the world of best quality goods.We maintain a customer-centered service and focus on getting greater awareness of our patrons. We recognize that our success is synonymous with our customers ‘ loyalty; this company philosophy is rooted in the culture of the work and supported by management dedication. We are also committed to recognizing and understanding the constructive steps that can be applied to the the impacts of production activities on the environment. This dedication is evidenced by the facilities of the environmental management program that we continuously practice during fabrication


Our products come from fertile lands with proper irrigation facility which helps to maintain very high hygiene and quality standards. Quality commitment is essential so we undertake regular plant & machinery maintenance to improve productivity and retain process efficiency. We believe the stringent quality assurance criteria and international standards are being adhered to. Through our team of highly trained and skilled technicians we maintain the highest quality standards on any product we export. The whole team and our suppliers ensure that all processing, packaging and distribution takes place in the most hygienic conditions, maintaining the best taste, nutritional value and purity for longer periods of time. At Shibhi Impex we are experienced in consistency and timely shipping of all our goods, thus emerging as our most favored business partners

Our Vision
To effectively serve business associates and society and in the process create wealth and values for stakeholders and extended Shibhi impex family.

Our Mission
To continue dedicated earnest efforts to enhance productivity and efficiency to attain the charter spectrum of business horizons globally.

Our Strength
Our capacity to produce comes from the strength of its advanced manufacturing plant that can churn out the required quantity of products and the huge infrastructure that enables it to store and process the products effectively.